For people who tried everything to achieve their
financial goals – but can’t figure out what’s wrong...

  • If you want more money... but... don't have the time or energy to work hard for it...

  • If you read all the "success and "self-improvement" books written by the gurus... but... still feel stuck...

  • If you used the Law of Attraction, visualization, positive thinking and other success programs... but... the results   are less than ideal...

Then You Need To Know About...

The Missing Key to Allowing total Financial Freedom Into your Life... Effortlessly



   "[This] is the missing secret... It's the
           final piece to the puzzle..."

                Joe Vitale, key contributor in
                         the movie "The Secret"


From: Barbara Robins
North of Chicago

Dear Friend,

The next few minutes could change your life...

What I'm about to reveal allows you to manifest financial abundance. And anything else you desire... effortlessly. Business owners and entrepreneurs will experience an...

     ... almost immediate surge in sales and profits...

     ... new clients and customers flock to you quickly and buy...

     ... unexpected money opportunities suddenly surface from nowhere...


For example...

Bill Austin of St. Petersburg, Florida reported a quick increase in his sales of 15%. He shared this "missing key" to wealth with two of his friends. One of them doubled the number of clients coming to her. The other attracted a sizable increase in new students...

Shelley Cox of Australia attracted her first full fee paying client and over a dozen new jobs...

Lanny Kimsey of California received an unexpected email with an offer to be part of a radio broadcast where he could promote his business...

And the list goes on and on.


Because anyone who uses this key is able to...

Unlock The Floodgates To Abundance, Success
And Wealth... Without... Any Stress Or Struggle

I know you're in a hurry to find out what "it" is. But first, let me explain why so many people don't achieve their financial - and other - goals. This is important for you to understand. Otherwise, you'll miss the point. 

Here's the truth...

Financial freedom - and whatever else you want in life - is possible for you to achieve.

Then why haven't you... yet?

The answer is simple. And it has nothing to do with learning some new fangled success method... walking on hot coals... or... anything you've heard before.

In fact, allowing the good you want to flow to you requires only one thing.

If this one thing is not present... then... you will always struggle. It makes no difference what success program is used, either. You could meditate... say affirmations... think positively... visualize... write down goals... rely on the Law of Attraction. 


As long as this one thing is missing - no matter what else you do - your desires will take longer to achieve than necessary.

Or you may never achieve them at all.

Statistics indicate 95% (or more) of people who read self-improvement books... attend seminars... and so forth... fail to achieve and maintain long term consistent results.

Why? How come few people (very few) become financially successful... while... the vast majority dwell in mediocrity? Let me share with you the shocking answer...

The Real Reason Why So Few
People Become Financially Free

Pay close attention: I want you to picture a garden hose. The water is turned on and pours out of it easily. Then, someone ties a knot in the hose. What happens? The water begins to leak out slowly. Eventually, it may only drip out a little at a time.

When there were no obstructions in the way the water flowed effortlessly. But, when even a small "crimp" occurred in the hose, the flow of water slowed almost to a dead stop.

The same thing happens with our intentions.

If your energy centers are "clear"... then... the good you want is allowed in. It flows to and through you without any hindrances. And it keeps flowing as long as no obstacles exist.

On the other hand, if subconscious emotional and mental barriers, blocks and resistance are present... then... the good you want can not flow to and through you easily. Some of it still comes to you... but... not much. Often, the good that does flow in suddenly stops. Or reverses and you begin losing some of what you've gained.

This is why so few people keep resolutions. They have every intention of losing weight - for example - but their "unconscious" blocks prevent them from following through.

As long as these blocks exist, you can never achieve your full potential.

Whether that's making more money, finding love, losing weight, etc.

The question begging to be answered is...

"How do you remove the subconscious barriers,
blocks and resistance preventing wealth from
flowing your way in avalanches of abundance?"

This is the "million-dollar" question. Because once you know the answer, everything else falls in place. You can quickly and easily start attracting all the good your heart desires. All the money you could ever imagine. All the things you've ever desired but have yet to come your way.

Again, I want you to understand how critical removing these blocks is to your success. Just think about the last time you set a financial or other goal. One you didn't achieve.

Despite writing down the goal... maybe writing out a few affirmations... maybe doing some visualization, etc... you just couldn't make that particular goal manifest. Weren't you wondering why some of your goals appeared easily... while others seemed impossible to realize?

You see, it all comes down to which goals you harbor the most resistance to manifesting.

With some goals you are energetically "clear" for immediate results.

With other goals, you carry subconscious barriers, blocks and resistance.

So much so, that no matter what you do - short of removing those subconscious obstacles - nothing works. But let me tell you the good news...

Removing These "Energy Blocks" Is Easy

In a moment, I'm going to give you a free demonstration...  

Hi, my name is Barbara Robins.

I discovered this process of clearing energy blocks by accident. You see, my daughter was born with a number of health problems. These included: severe diaper rash, ear and respiratory infections, asthma, anxiety, ADHD, and sensitivity to metals. It was overwhelming for our whole family.

I took her to a number of medical doctors and alternative health professionals. They could do very little for her. Out of sheer desperation (on the recommendation of a friend) I went to see Dr. Kam Yuen. When I made the appointment for my daughter, I didn't even know what "kind" of doctor he was. I just wanted to help her.

The evening after the appointment (while Dr. Yuen was in a session with someone else - who had the same problem I had; needing a lift in one shoe) I received an "energy healing" while driving home. I felt heat and tingling on my back. When I got home I took off my shoes and stood in front of the mirror.  I was standing straight! The next day I ran to my chiropractor to confirm this healing really happened. After taking a look at me she said "Who is this man?!"

I wanted to learn more about what Dr. Yuen did. So I attended a lecture he was giving a few days later. At that lecture everything inside me welled up to learn this procedure. I signed up to take the basic workshop for that coming weekend.

The technique was very easy for me to learn... and... I was healing people from that weekend on. Results do vary from person to person... but... in my first year of private practice I worked on...

Over 800 People With A 97% Success Rate

Now, there are many ways to accomplish energy balance. The problem is most methods require a lot of time and effort on your part. And one-on-one sessions can cost upwards of $150 per hour or more. You're required to identify - by name - the things holding you back. Figuring out what the problem is could take a long time. If it were easy to figure out you would have done it on your own.

You see, what keeps us from moving toward our goals resides where we are consciously unaware... in our bioenergetic field. So you may never actually know exactly what the problem is. At least not on a conscious level. And that's where most "energy clearing" protocols fall short. If you have neither the time or inclination to go through this tedious process (used by virtually all other methods)... then... I have some more good news for you...

The method I use...

Bypasses the conscious identification process.        You don't waste any time trying to figure
       anything out.

Locates and eliminates the energetic blocks so the       things you desire flow your way effortlessly.

Takes less time to implement than making a bag of       popcorn. (I'll explain why in a minute...)

Let me give you a free demonstration right now...

Click on the audio link below. You'll receive a free chakra balancing silent healing. This healing (or energy balancing) optimizes, balances, centers and stabilizes your body's main energy hubs; your chakras. Most people feel the positive effects right away.


Try this sample
for Chakra Balancing

This is Silent

(tiny pfft at the end)


Please notice two important things: (1) the session is silent - it even works without speakers or a sound card... and... (2) it only takes one short minute. Although, it's a good idea to play a session multiple times. All you do is...

"Just Click & Play. It's That Simple!"

Here's how this works...The doctor I trained under produced a meditation CD containing energy healing vibrations in the background. I decided to make a recording of energy healing vibrations also.

The results were immediate and astonishing.

A few days later I told a friend about my idea to produce energy healing CDs. I could’t decide what music or meditation to record. Suddenly my friend got one of those amazing ideas. She said...

“Make it silent.” 

The idea blew me away!

I didn't even know that was possible.

It was so "right on" I was left speechless.

Immediately, I hung up the phone, made a CD recording and sent it to her and a few others to test. It was a blind test. I didn't tell anyone the focus of the CD. I received success reports from everyone who listened to it. So I produced 10 different CD's for various issues. People began purchasing them and I keep getting positive reports.

An important change was made, though.

By accident, I discovered the power of digital recording. I found out how to take a 45 minute CD recording and compress it into a one-minute Mp3 recording.

In the digital format, you can play an Mp3 session for five minutes... and... receive nearly four hours of deep clearing and healing. Now, all recordings come as Mp3's.

Best part...

There's no "work" on your part. Just click and play. It's that simple! The energy healing session operates in the background. And, since the recordings are silent they don't interfere with anything else you're doing. Play these sessions while working... doing chores around the house... or whatever. The energy balancing process takes place no matter what.

What does all this mean for you?

Well, I've created a special package of Mp3 energy healing sessions. These sessions are for people who want to allow abundance and business success into their lives.

I refer to these Mp3's as the...

Timeless Vibrations™
Abundance and Business Collection

Here's a quick description of each Mp3 session...


Abundance & Success

Based on the teachings of Harv Eker and Joe Vitale this healing set will shift and optimize many energetic abundance and success facets to ignite your life with power, drive and satisfaction. Some of these facets are...

  1. Raising the set point of your money blueprint...
  2. Letting go of needs and attachments that hold you back...
  3. Feeling congruent with being spiritual and rich at the  same time...
  4. Effortlessly willing to "do what it takes"...
  5. Feeling great about money being important for your life...
  6. Opening the pathways to your full potential...

I'm finding that for those who are energetically optimized in related ways (they just need the cork taken off of the bottle, so to speak) this healing set totally blows open the channels so your business will pick up very quickly.

Be prepared for success - make sure you can handle the increase in customer emails, orders, etc. People are seeing ideas that were just flickers of inspiration now come much faster AND the ways to implement them just show up with no effort on your part. 


Attracting Clients

Be a magnet for your ideal clients. Sit back and relax as healing vibrations effortlessly shift and cleanse your bioenergetic field.

Imagine walking into a clutter-filled house. Now think about how enjoyable it is to come into a clean orderly home.

Doesn't it feel better when the clutter is gone and the home is clear? In the same way, when our bioenergetic field is free from clutter we attract the right people and are more productive. This healing set optimizes you for an abundance of clients, and creates positive resonance between you and your present and future customers/clients.

This can also be helpful if you are looking for a job.


Person to Product Harmonizing

Is decision making a challenge for you? Or are you attracting customers for you services or products but they aren't buying?

This healing set neutralizes fears, resistance and insensitivity so you or others will know, accept and desire what is in their best interest. This healing set is also great for house and estate sales to clear the energy of the homeowner from the products for sale.


Transform Your Relationship
with Money

This energy healing clears your blocks and resistance, and repatterns your nonconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes about money and financial abundance.

  • Clears negative money beliefs...

  • Clears resistance that holds you back...

  • Clears self sabotage triggers...

  • Clears incongruence between conscious and 
    non-conscious for success and abundance...

  • Clears doubts...

  • Clears the path for accepting positive abundance and success patterns...

  • Clears money and success fears.


Bonus Session: Power of the Lotus

This Mp3 healing has been very helpful for many people. Among the numerous benefits of this powerful healing set are:

  • Clearing the lower bodies of stress, traumas, fear, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions...

  • It clears illnesses and injuries from the genetic blueprints...

  • Neutralizes environmental imbalances (Feng Shui/Vastu)...

  • Blesses us with wealth, prosperity and happiness...

  • Transmits Shaktipat (Divine Energy initiation).

Also, we receive transmissions and protection from the Masters, and are guided to Divine Enlightenment.



These Mp3 energy healing sessions are the answer
you've been looking for. But don't take my word for it. Check out what these happy customers had to say...


"A few days after we began using your Attracting Clients CDS we were contacted by a national distributor that wants to carry our product."

ADM, Oregon

"I'm confident your Abundance and Success and Attracting Clients cleansing has played an important part in my current growth and focus. I've attracted my first full fee paying client and have over a dozen jobs on the go"

Shelley Cox, Australia

"Recently I purchased your Mp3's - Person To Person Harmonizing, Abundance & Success and Transforming Your Relationship With Money. The sales of my product have increased over the last few weeks for no apparent reason except your Mp3's."

Darlene Olson, CA

"... increased my sales by at least 15 percent. I got one of these for two friends. One of them doubled the number of clients coming to her... The other noticed a sizable increase in the number of students she attracted..."

Bill Austin, St. Petersburg, FL

"After playing the Abundance & Success CD nonstop for a week we had more business than we could handle."

Joe, Peoria, IL

"... I've attracted 10 new clients, one of which is bringing me 10+ more! All good wishes."

Maria Olivas, NC

"... my partner and I received an email today - out of the blue - with an offer to be a part of a radio broadcast!..."

Lanny Kimsey, CA



If you visit my other website at you would see that the total retail value of these energy healing sessions is... $145.00. However, I am making a...

Special Limited-Time Offer


FACT: You're number one problem to achieving      financial freedom is the clutter of subconscious      barriers, blocks and resistance.

FACT: Playing these Mp3 healing sessions is the      fastest way to get clear.

FACT: No other method produces results quicker      with no work on your part.


It's up to you. Because you can either keep struggling... hitting your head against the wall... or... you can easily and quickly get clear and have abundance flow into your life.

To make your decision a simple one, I've reduced the price of the "Timeless Vibrations Abundance and Business Collection" set to just... $97. A full 33% off the retail value.

By playing these Mp3 sessions regularly you'll eliminate the barriers to financial success... allow the good you desire to flow your way... effortlessly attract new business... raise your money making set point... become a magnet for the perfect clients... clear away any self sabotaging beliefs holding you back... and... finally live the financial life of your dreams.

It's easy to order...

 Option 1  

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 Option 2 

Pick up the phone and call to order
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Note: After your order is processed, the download page will come up instantly. You'll also receive the download link to the Mp3's by email. Go ahead and order today - right now - while this is hot on your mind. This special discount offer will only be available for a short time.

Warmest Regards ,

Barbara Robins

  P.S.  One more thing: As an additional bonus, I'll include my special report... Take Charge Of Your Now: 5 Simple Steps To Restore Your Personal Power. When you read this special report you'll discover...

  • What your personal power really is and how to get it back once and for all.

  • Why self-help suggestions, books, seminars, etc. don't help... and... what to do instead.

  • How to connect (and stay connected) to your present environment.

  • How we unknowingly affect our energetic strength and disempower ourselves. The solution is so simple you'll love it.

  • The importance of identifying and living by your personal values.

  • How to optimize your bioenergetic signals.

  • And much more.

Order today and you'll receive this report
with my compliments...


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Pick up the phone and call to order
anytime between 10am and 6pm EST at...


About Barbara Robins...


Barbara Robins is an enthusiastic and compassionate healer and teacher, who has worked with adults, adolescents, children, pets and businesses for over 20 years. Barbara graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Art Education. Her focus was visual literacy and design. After co-creating two sensitive children she realized there were people whose needs were not being addressed by traditional therapies. She used her creativity and passion for knowledge to discover alternative solutions, particularly for her family.

For three intense years Barbara immersed herself in mastering the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, combining it with her gift for innovation and visual communication to develop her own technique. In her first year alone she treated over 800 people with a 97% success rate at reducing or eliminating their symptoms. Her desire to teach was strong. After receiving her master certification in the Yuen Method she began to teach her own technique, Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations™.

Currently she has several levels of workshops and home study courses, keeping in touch with her students in monthly tele-practices. She continues to refine and add to her technique, inspired by her drive to make it more effective and efficient. To help people when she isn't available she developed Timeless Vibrations™ recorded healing sets on CD and Mp3. Barbara's passion is to help people overcome the hidden obstacles that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Take advantage of the special limited time offer... 

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Barbara Robins


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